Tonight is the finally the last night I’ll be sleeping in my bed before Miss Teenage Canada! I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning!! I can’t wait to meet all the other delegates this year and make new friends for a life time. I am going to go there with a smile on my face with pride of my title as Miss Teenage Maritimes 2016 and represent well my community.

All my stuff is packed up and ready to go. Sash and Crown in MY hands, paper work is ready and I’m ready to go!

Today, at work, I got a great gift for the ‘trip’ from my coworkers and it was so thoughtful of them. I’d personally like to thank each and every one of you!

Thanks to Jeannie, I’ve got the chance to smudge before I go. I smudged for safe travels and to take all the negativity out of my body. Smudging is very important for me. It is something I do take seriously and with pride. Thank you, welalin!


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