Hello, my name is Precious Abygail, I’m currently 18 years old and representing the Maritimes. The Maritimes include 3 provinces near the Atlantic Coast called New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. I live in New Brunswick! I may be born learning english but I was teached frenched my whole life by going to a french school.


I’ve participated in a National pageant and won Sunburst baby Canada first runner up 1999. I have been doing pageants for 3 to 4 years in my community to help out any cause I possibly can! I also did this to help ME out with self confidence (not that it was something too bad) and it has improved, for a fact, from my french teacher. She told me that she noticed how I feel more confident in front of the class room since pageantry started. I’m so thankful to have started doing what I am to help out anyone in need and build myself up.


I’ve been doing a thing you call, Fancy Shawl since grade 7. We then built a group called Esgenoooetitj Wegatusk Dancers, meaning Burnt-Church Northen Lights Dancers. Fancy Shawl has been a big thing for me knowing I’m dancing for mother earth and/or special ocassions/people. I also participate in smudging ceremonies. Smudging is a way to purification of our soul with herbs. We usually put Sweetgrass, Cedar and Sage in a shell and burn them. I’m a proud mikma’q, acadien and Irish girl who celebrate’s each year at festivals, parades and events!




In 2014, I was accepted to play in the New Brunswick volleyball team for the North American Indigenious Games in Regina! It was quite a experience for me getting to meet people from everywhere!!


Each year I have participated in the New Brunswick Indian Summer Games in volleyball, track and badminton. This year, I won’t be able to play but I will be in their opening ceremony parade with my title proudly on!


When I was younger, I’ve been in a judo club, mini handball team, volleyball team and took swimming lessons and was good enough to make the team but didn’t (because I was a child and was very shy at the time).Lately I’ve played a few badminton time to time for fun and competed at the NBISG, track and of coarse my dear volleyball.


My volleyball highschool team won 3 years in a row provincials! The feeling was just perfect each time. Indescribable! We got medals, a banner and gifts.

In primary school we had to do science fairs and history projects and I’ve won a many times both. I then was sent to the district competition and won 2 years in a row the Nancy Prize Award for talking about woman who made a difference or reflects on our history, mine wear nearby. I’ve done it on the prestigious Evangeline, a acadien historique woman who was a legend of the 1755 acadien deportation from Noca Scotia & Margarite Labilois a Indiginous woman who has done great for her community and got the chance to see her at a Powwow that I’ve participated in. It felt great to see her in real life!

At the NBISG, my team won all years we have participated to and I’ve got for two years in a row, MVP.

In many disciplines, I’ve got about 30 medals!

I was in the school choir for 3 years and we won to go sing at a gala/festival last year. We learned, danced and sang 3 african songs!


Written by: Precious Abygail

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