I’d like to say a precious hello to everyone! In this post I’ll be telling you guys more about the Maritimes and what you can find here.

The Maritimes, according to Wikipedia, had a population of 1 813 102 in 2011. And what do these Maritimers have? Here are a few fun things to know/we have …

In New-Brunswick:

The Petitcodiac river, mostly known as the chocolate river for it’s blended colour. It is the most endangered river in Canada and has stopped salmon catch by 82%!! Although it sounds bad, it does look pretty in real.


Nearby, (MY FAVOURITE!) the Hopewell Rocks. It has the big tides going from 48 feet TWICE a day! Once the tide is low you can go down and experience finding the oceans treasures. You used to be also see the rock from our medical care card, but it a piece fell off this year. It was known as the Elephant rock. When the tide was high you could go kayaking over it and call it an experience. It was almost chosen to become part of another wonder of the world (7 Wonders of the World).


In Prince Edward Island:

The confederation bridge, the longest bridge in ice covered water in the world! It takes approximately 15 minutes to ride the bridge. They also use the bridge for the Terry Fox run!


The Cavendish Beach is a wonderful place to relaxe or have fun. Each year they have  Cavendish Beach Country Festival with well known artists! It is the most seasoned resort of the province.


In Nova Scotia:

One of the most famous drives in Canada, Cabot Trails! A beautiful drive or walk through the beautiful nature. Little secret: you can play a game where you have to find the most hidden sun chairs throughout the whole trails.


Hope you fell a little bit more in love with the Maritimes, just like I did!


Miss Teenage Maritimes – Precious Abygail

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