Last night was pretty incredible. Getting to meet and see all the sponsors at the sponsor party was a lot of fun and everything that was given to me and the girls where amazing. Here are a few of the sponsors:


We are so lucky to have the chance to wear amazing shoes from this place and to be honest, they are so adorable. This sponsor was very kind and generous for giving us the opportunity to be comfortable yet classy during MTC.


Your skin will be healthy and glowing with these products! Lucky for us, we get to test them out for free! This sponsor generously gave us a cute little bar of soap and a body butter. That’s what we got, but you should really go check out their website because there you get to buy some amazing products like eyelash extensions, makeup, hair styling tools, spray brightening and spray tans. They are really worth it.


This sponsor was so amazing that they went ahead and made us these cute little gift bags with nice necklaces! We all pretty much got a different one but each one was very very pretty. So if ever you want to check them out, here is that dress for you guys to go look or maybe even shop a little.

These where the main top 3 sponsors that really caught my eye but all of them where amazing, and id like to say a huge thank you to each and every one them. Hopefully you’ll also be as amazed as me and buy some products i mentioned from these incredible companies.

Written by: Breanna

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