New Brunswick is such a beautiful place. So trying to pick only one part of it to talk about is really hard. But honestly from the places that I’ve visited here in my amazing province, Fredericton is by far my favorite. It is the capital of New Brunswick in eastern Canada, on the St. John River. Usually cities don’t have nature or trees, so this city is quite unique. It makes you feel very warm and welcomed when you first visit this place, especially in the summer when there’s green everywhere!

Fredericton is the third-largest city in the province after Moncton and Saint-John. And there is a roughly long list of things to do here in “the city of stately elms”. There’s a place called the Beaverbrook Art Gallery that’s perfect for people who love museums! I’ve sadly never been to this specific place, but I hear that it has interesting exhibitions and it is even expanding its floor space later this year.


Also, another great place that would definitely be worth the visit, would be the Killarney Lake Park Trail. This park offers a lot, including a sandy beach, recreational water, walking paths and picnic area! It’s Great for a day out with family and friends.

Now, for people who are more interested on laid back, quiet and more relaxing adventures, they should check out The Lighthouse! The stairs lead to a good view of the water and the beautiful historic town. And once your up there, you’ll find Ice cream for sale. Witch is great during the summer when you just need to cool off a bit. It’s a good stop to take in the view and enjoy an ice cream while you are at it.

Fredericton has so many beautiful schools. But this city just wouldn’t be the same without the University of New Brunswick! And unlike all the other amazing things I’ve mentioned, this University is going to be my future. So this must mean that it’s a good one, right! I’ve heard so much about this school and how friendly the people are. It is also the oldest English-language university in Canada, and among the oldest public universities in North America. It’s the oldest since the original campus founded in 1785. UNB was named the most entrepreneurial university in Canada at the 2014 Startup Canada Awards. Considering this is where my future holds, i decided to do a lot of research on it since apparently so many people have gone, and are still going to UNB. Despite how old this University is, it is still alive and running and hopefully ready to meet me!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t name all the wonderful places here in New Brunswick. Because if I did, it would take eternity to read it all! But overall, I love my province and would recommend it to anyone. And for a “sneak peek” of my favorite place of NB that I didn’t talk about, here is another breath taking place you need to visit.

Why not start off with Hopewell Rocks! So many people and tourists go there to see the amazing sight of rock that the ocean has given us! They are located on the shores of the upper reaches of the bay of funds at Hopewell cape. And some of them can go up to 40-70 feet tall! Due to the extreme tidal range of the Bay of Fundy, the base of the rocks are covered in water twice a day. However, it is possible to view the formations from ground level at low tide. Be sure to get out of there when the tide rises tho, or your gone!

Hopefully, this article gave you great ideas on where to come visit here in the Maritimes. NB people are very kind and friendly so you won’t regret it.

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