As the only girl representing my province, New Brunswick, I arrived near 2 o’clock in Toronto! We (Miss Teenage Nova Scotia who had the same flight as I, and Miss Teenage Timmins) then waited for a chaperone to pick us up. Once we left with many other wonderful delegates we arrived at the hotel and went to the ballroom and dropped off our registration forms etc.. Once everyone arrived and was settled, we’ve got to meet our roomates and I had the privilege to meet mine at the airport! Near 7:30, we all went to the ballroom in our dresses and there was tables all around with our greatfull sponsors.

Here was my experience with the sponsors!

First off, GGGoddesses offers Spray Tanning, Spray Brightening, Air Brush Make-Up, Eye Lash Extensions, & Hair Styling. They gave out goodie bags either a self tanning lotion for after a tanning session or a butter body lotion. I took the lotion made out of coconut (and it’s oil), shea butter and all the good stuff for your body! They gave us discounts for spray tanning sessions and/or eye lash extensions. I am naturally dark so I took the eyelash extension session and I cannot wait because they look and do amazing jobs! Thank you GGGoddesses. xo



Second station was V.P.I Sunglasses! They gave out incredibly nice sunglasses to each and every delegate and they all suited everyone. I was happy of my ‘purchase’. Mine have a floral design on it and they look and feel amazing. Thank you V.P.I for the useful, precious, adorable sunglasses!! My sunglasses retail only for 28.00$! Amazing prices for amazing glasses, right or right??


Third sponsor was Sweets Canada . They brought us goodie bags with two sort of chocolate that they make. It’s all based on organic elements. It was honestly the BEST chocolate I’ve ever tasted and I really wish for you to have the chance to taste it and enjoy it as much as I did! I’ve got to bring with me the blueberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Balls (Q’Bites) & the Dark Chocolate Matcha Green Jasmine Petals. Thank you Sweets Canada – Q’licious gourmet chocolate for making me taste this amazing artwork! Make sure to follow them on Twitter: @SweetsCanadaCA


Fourth obstacle was Nuvago Gallery Goods clothing station. They gave out either a pair of leggings or a shirt. They were absolutely stunning! They were all unique. They were a piece of art. Once I put the shirt on I felt like the whole museum. It was comfortable, nice looking & amazing quality! This is a must in everyone’s wardrobe. It can be worn casually and the shirt can be a PJ top, a workout outfit, anything! Thank you so much for the amazing gift! I feel so privileged to have one of there shirts with me.


Fifth was the table where we got our official Miss Teenage Canada t-shirts and hats!! I’m am so excited to wear this. I love pink and they’re adorable. I’m incredibly proud to be in the class of 2016 and get to share the amazing experience with the rest of the 56 delegates of this year with me. ❤️ Memories from this week will be cherished with me for as long as I live and so on. I am incredibly proud of myself for coming to this amazing place with the amazing people that surround me. Thank you to the MTC-Inc. for giving this opportunity to each and everyone of us. XOXO


The sixth sponsor table was a gulf station called Bradlee Ryall Gulf Academy. We had to put the ball in the ‘hole’ first shot to enter the competition to win a prize! It was a lot of fun! I got the first round but at the second round I lost which I was surprised I even put it in the first time!! This week we’re going on a little gulf trip with them and get some tips and everything, it’ll be so much fun. The man who was taking care of the station was really nice and I’m positive the trip this week will be as good. If you’re interested into gulfing or looking forward to learn more, this would be a great opportunity for yourself (and I)! Thank you so much, we had so much fun tonight and many laughs.


Next up, Archers Arena brought a bow and arrow for us to have some fun and hold it and take great pictures with them. They are the number one Archery Tag Arena in Toronto. We will be playing with them this week and it will be a total blast with all the other girls. Thank you for your sponsorship!!


P.S.: Katie, Miss Teenage Nova Scotia shot me in the heart. One of my many new friends, xo!

Other sponsor will be approaching throughout week. I’d like to take a moment to thank them.

Archer Dental is will be providing dental hygiene accessories such as a toothbrush to have a great smile for the crown. Thank you, it’s always so important to have a good hygiene.

Rimmel London – Canada will be providing some makeup stations and give out some products. Always an ideal pageant gift. Thank you so much! Find the team on Instagram & Twitter: @rimmellondoncan and on Facebook:

Hashtagio is a Social Media Aggregator that markets platforms and helps turn them into sales! How great is that? They will be collecting all our social media with the hashtag #missteenagecanada so you can all experience it with ALL of the delegates. All 56 delegates text and images will be on this page in the MTC blog network and search! Thank you Hashtagio for this great thing that will be helping everyone catch up.

Sally Hansen will be providing gift bags with their amazing products. They are a amazing group and have no worries with them. They know how to make a beauty queen! xo Thank you so much for the sponsorship!

We will be visiting the Bata Shor Museum! They collect photos with the hashtag #batashoemuseum. Shoes and heels are a must for pageants so I’m sure it’ll be great and I probably will fall in love with every single paire, juste like all the other times. Thank you! ❤️

I’d like to thank Fish’d By Ed for helping out provide food. It’s always important to have a good nutrition especially for pageant week with it’s busy schedule.

I can’t wait to go see Yogen Fruz to get a frozen yogurt! I’m in love with frozen yogurt and could eat some each day. Having some on pageant week is such a great treat. Frozen yogurt is more healthy than ice cream but taste the same but in a different way. They’re so delicious! Thank you for the sponsorship, it’s very much appreciated. xo

Throughout the week we will meet up with Daphna and Karen  Nussbau from Storia Pr Inc. part of the search of the Miss Teenage Canada 2016 pageant. They will teach us into business. Because become a role model, or the next MTC is a job! Thank you both for helping us out! xo

Tonight, I had so much fun and I’m looking forward to an amazing week with a wonderful group of people.

Thank you for all your support.

Merci pout toutes votre soutient.



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